Say Goodbye to Calculators

Instantly solve equations and perform conversions as you type anywhere in your browser.

For Professionals

Numberly is like Grammarly for numbers, ensuring that your calculations are error-free as you type them into any input box.

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Writing emails with Numberly
Highlight text and right-click to reveal the answer

For Students

With Numberly, you can breathe easy knowing that our dynamic math calculations will take care of everything for you – such as entering the solution automatically.

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For Everyone

Numberly's built-in metric conversions make it easy to switch between units without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to those frustrating Google searches and hello to effortless unit conversions.

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Recipe metric conversion using Numberly

Works on Your Favorite Sites

With Numberly, you can perform math calculations and conversions in real-time without ever having to leave your workspace. It seamlessly integrates with your email, social media messages, documents, and spreadsheets, providing inline solutions to make your number crunching effortless and convenient.

Private and Secure

Numberly has been audited by Google and is 100% compliant with Chrome extension policies.

Calculations performed in your browser

No data is sent to third-parties

No tracking or history

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Available in the Chrome Web Store

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